Is my information secure?

Smokditrots has installed 256 bit encryption SSL certificates We are also 100% PCI compliant. Read more on all of the rigorous requirements for PCI compliancy here. Data protection is as important to us as it is to you! Sensitive data, such as your credit card and personal data, is coded and protected using the SSL system (Secure Socket Layer) before being transferred. Therefore, Your data cannot be intercepted by a third party.


1. Pay on our website step by step

2. Pay to our Paypal account directly.

2-1. sign in Paypal account.

2-2. Click send money.

2-3. Send to who? Fill in our Paypal, and amount of money which you can get from our website or sales service.

2-4. click continue, then set up your shipping address and leave us your message in the middle of the next page. Then click send money on the front right corner.

2-5. payment accomplished.

Credit Card payment

If you order on our website , and you want to pay with credit card, you need to request invoice from Paypal, then you can pay with your credit card. If you do not know how to do, please email us, we will send an invoice from our Paypal account to you, then you can pay with your credit card very easily.